AML CTF Training Programs

AML/CTF Training Programs

The law and AUSTRAC regulations require that you provide an AML/CTF awareness training program for all employees, as well as role based AML compliance training where necessary.

AML/CTF training for staff and senior management

To successfully embed any AML/CTF program, training delivered through an AML/CTF awareness training program to all employees is vital.

Our experts customise your AML training program so that it directly addresses your business needs. Making the AML compliance training industry and role-specific helps your staff understand what AML compliance is,and become alert to suspicious activity and confident in what to do next.

An effective AML training program offers a variety of training opportunities and delivery mechanisms, tailored to ensure that senior managers and employees are fully aware of their responsibilities and that they remain in compliance with the requirements of your AML/CTF program.

It is important that training explains AML/CTF in plain English using industry-specific business concepts familiar to the employees.

Initialism can provide the following types of training to meet your AML/CTF and TFS training obligations:

In-person employee training
Executive training (Senior Management and Board of Directors)

Why is anti money laundering training necessary?

Improperly trained staff who are unaware of their responsibilities and what to look for can expose your business to money laundering and therefore result in breaches of the AML/CTF Act.

Relevant and appropriate training is vital to ensure that senior managers and employees are fully aware of their responsibilities, and comply with the requirements of your AML/CTF program.

Initialism offers complete AML/CTF training courses appropriate for your business’ training needs. Our programs are designed and run by AML experts to ensure your staff can recognise the warning signs and exercise the proper protocol in a suspicious situation.


Example training content and learning outcomes


Our anti money laundering courses aim to create awareness and vigilance among your employees.

All materials have been developed to adhere to relevant AML legislation and regulations, offering comprehensive coverage of AML/CTF compliance issues according to best practice standards.


Upon completion of AML/CTF training, participants will be able to:


  • Define money laundering
  • Describe the various stages of money laundering
  • Identify the prime sources of money laundering
  • Understand why money laundering occurs and why it is a criminal act
  • Understand the impact of money laundering on our society and economy
  • Identify high-risk customers
  • Act upon suspicious transactions

We offer AML training solutions aligned to your business needs

Initialism provides AML training solutions appropriate for your business, leveraging our extensive in-house experience in developing and delivering AML/CTF training courses for all types and size of business. Contact us to find out more.