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Our AML compliance solutions are designed to meet the obligations of all AML/CTF regulated businesses across Australia.
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Australia has commenced a significant Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF) change program which will affect your business and its’ anti-money laundering compliance arrangements.
What is AML/CTF compliance?

AML/CTF is activity designed to manage and/or mitigate the risk that legitimate businesses are being used to launder money or fund terrorism.

AML/CTF laws and regulations require businesses to make it harder for themselves to be used to launder money and fund terrorism, and when they are or suspect they are report it to the authorities.

Initialism provides proportionate and effective compliance solutions to support your business achieving and maintaining AML/CTF compliance.

What is the 'AML/CTF Act'?

The AML/CTF Act sets out the products and services vulnerable to money laundering and terrorist financing.

Anyone providing a designated service is called a ‘reporting entity’ and is captured under the AML/CTF Act.

The AML/CTF Rules detail what reporting entities must do to comply with the AML/CTF Act. The Rules are made by AUSTRAC.

Initialism provide AML/CTF compliance solutions for all regulated entities across the Financial Services Industry, as well as all Designated Non-Financial Businesses and Professions (DNFBPs).

What is an AML/CTF Program?

An AML/CTF program is the activity, systems and controls put in place and operated by a reporting entity to mitigate and manage their ML/TF risks and comply with the requirements of the AML/CTF Act and Rules.

What are the AML/CTF changes?

There is an increased regulatory focus on AML/CTF compliance, with the AML/CTF Act and Rules being amended to:

  • Address identified weaknesses in the current AML/CTF regime.
  • Revise AML/CTF requirements for all reporting entities.
  • Expand the AML/CTF regime to cover new industry sectors.

There is now an increased regulatory focus on AML/CTF compliance, and having a comprehensive AML/CTF responses in place is vital if you are to comply with evolving AML/CTF Act and AML/CTF Rules.

Initialism’s AML/CTF compliance solutions can support you in keeping up with compliance requirements as they evolve.

What industries are affected?

The AML/CTF Act and Rule amendments mean the below industries are now regulated. Click your industry to find out more and start the journey towards AML/CTF Compliance:

How can Initialism help?

Initialism are the AML/CTF experts, so you don’t have to be.

With over 30 years of expert knowledge and real world experience, our AML/CTF compliance solutions will help you to navigate your legal and regulatory requirements so that your business complies with its AML/CTF obligations in the fastest and most cost-effective way.

Initialism has a range of AML/CFT solutions to support your business in becoming AML/CFT compliant and maintaining compliance:

Our solutions allow you to tailor support based on your capacity, experience and budget.

With our expert knowledge, experience, and real world perspectives, Initialism are the AML/CTF industry experts so you don’t need to be.

Our fast, easy and cost effective solutions are a result of over 25 years experience working across all aspects of the AML/CTF. Our experience includes money laundering law enforcement investigations, developing and implementing national regulation and regulatory supervision techniques, as well as developing pragmatic responses to AML/CTF compliance obligations and financial crime risk management for all sizes and types of business with AML/CTF obligations.

Fast, easy and cost effective solutions

Our AML compliance solutions support Australian businesses already undertaking AML/CTF activity, as well as those coming to grips with AML compliance for the first time. Click below to find Initialism’s solutions, which offer innovative and unique options putting you in control of AML/CTF compliance costs.
  • A streamlined, self guided online solution to meeting your AML/CTF obligations.
  • Most flexible compliance solution
  • Self guided online delivery
  • Online guidance at every step
  • Compliance at your own pace
  • Comprehensive ML/TF risk assessment
  • Compliant AML/CTF Program documentation
  • Ongoing AML/CTF compliance and notifications
  • 12 month licence to Australia's leading online AML/CTF compliance solution
  • $4,995*
  • A highly interactive workshop delivering fast and easy AML/CTF compliance in one day.
  • Fastest compliance solution
  • Face to face one-day workshop
  • Detailed AML/CTF training
  • Compliance in one day
  • Comprehensive ML/TF risk assessment
  • Compliant AML/CTF Program documentation
  • Ongoing AML/CTF compliance and support
  • Includes a 12 month licence to Australia's leading online AML/CTF compliance solution
  • $5,995*
  • One to one support from our experts to assist you in achieving AML/CTF compliance.
  • Most customised compliance solution
  • Dedicated one-to-one support
  • Tailored AML/CTF briefing
  • Compliance as quickly as required
  • Comprehensive ML/TF risk assessment
  • Compliant AML/CTF Program documentation
  • Ongoing AML/CTF compliance and support
  • Includes a 12 month licence to Australia's online leading AML/CTF compliance solution
  • From $6,995*

*$AUD excl. GST


Why choose Initialism?


Our expertise covers all AML/CTF disciplines allowing us to bring unique perspectives, approaches and solutions to your AML/CTF challenges


Our AML compliance knowledge covers all industry sectors and we understand what compliance means for your business


We deliver workable AML compliance solutions to regulated business, each with their own unique challenges


Our knowledge and expertise has been hard earned and comes from working in the area of AML/CTF for many decades


We have experience providing tried and tested AML compliance solutions, regardless of the size and complexity of your business


Our AML/CTF compliance solutions are flexible and can be tailored to your capacity, experience and budget