AML Check Document Review

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AML Check is a modular approach that puts you in control of your AML/CTF compliance independent review.

Initialism’s approach to independent reviews allows you to manage the extent and cost of the review based on the needs of your business.

Whether you chose to only assess the program’s alignment with the AML/CTF Act and Rules or to undertake the testing of the program’s implementation, or to undertake a full AML/CTF independent review, you will be provided with a comprehensive report that sets out your level of compliance and recommendation to improve your business’ AML/CTF compliance.

How it works

AML Document Review
Purchase your document review here online. Assess and receive a report on your AML/CTF Program to ensure your Program is aligned to your ML/TF risks and it is complaint with the AML/CTF Act and Rules.

AML Compliance Testing
Once you have confirmed your AML/CTF Program documentation is appropriate, then assess and receive a report on your implementation of, and your business’ compliance with, your AML/CTF Program requirements.
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Complete Independent Review
Alternatively you can undertake a full Independent Review which combines a Document Review and Compliance Testing as a single review, and receive a single report.
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Key benefits

The key benefits of AML Check are:

A cost-effective way to undertake a review.
The modular approach puts you in control of the review.
Understand  whether you are achieving AML/CTF compliance.
The assessment is aligned to your business and it’s activities.
Any recommendations made will be tailored to your business.
Review is undertaken by experts who truly  understand your business and industry sector.

What you get

AML Check provides:

A review of documented AML/CTF Program and supporting documented policies and procedures, including testing assumptions underlying the ML/TF risk assessment.

On-site testing and sampling of actual examples of the entity’s day to day operations to assess the effectiveness of compliance with procedures.

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