AML Coach – Adelaide – Friday March 1st, 2019

$575.00 plus GST

AML Coach is comprehensive training for AML/CTF Compliance Officers and other AML/CTF professionals.

The one-day course delivers a detailed understanding of the obligations your business has under the AML/CTF regime, and provides tools to achieve and maintain AML/CTF compliance.

Simply book your place on a course and be educated by our experts on what AML/CTF compliance really means for your business.

How it works

01. Book your place
Choose a convenient course and book your place.

02. Receive your materials
We’ll send you the pre-reading to prepare for your AML Coach workshop.

03. Attend the workshop
With AML/CTF training from our industry leading experts you will fully understand AML/CTF and what it means for your business.

Key benefits

The key benefits of AML Coach are:

  • A cost-effective way to receive expert training.
  • Understand if you are achieving AML/CTF compliance.
  • Understand how best to achieve AML/CTF compliance for your business.
  • Receive knowledge and tools to ensure your business is AML/CTF compliant.
  • Be trained by AML/CTF experts in a workshop environment that promotes open discussion.
What is covered

The areas covered by AML Coach include:

  • The AML/CTF Environment
  • Australia’s AML/CTF regime
  • The Risk Based Approach to AML/CTF
  • Understanding your ML/TF risks
  • The Role of the AML/CTF Compliance Officer
  • AML/CTF Program requirements
  • AML/CTF Governance
  • AML/CTF Assurance to Management
  • AML/CTF Independent Audits
  • Preparing your Annual Compliance Report to AUSTRAC

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